The National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) conducts examinations to screen candidates associated with a registered Stock Broker in recognized stock exchanges.It tests the basic knowledge to be a certified Stock Broker. Its Series VII is a Securities Operations and Risk Management certification Exam.

The NISM exams are conducted online and are of multiple choice type. There will be 100 questions, each of one mark and the time duration is 120 minutes.

You will have to score 50% marks to pass the examination. The examination is considered tough and difficult among the candidates. But, with planning and practice you can pass the exam in the first attempt itself. Although the examination is mostly taken by people who have studied MBA, B.Com, M.Com and other finance related courses, anybody with interest in capital market segment can take the exam.

5 tips to crack the NISM Series VII Exam from Stream Online Film exam preparatory guide, pass4sure:

1. Planning

You can never pass any examination without proper planning. As soon as you decide of taking an examination, choose the subjects that you will be writing the exam on. After that you should set up a time table for your studies.Plan your schedule and how much time you will be studying for the examination. Last minute studies won't be effective. The earlier you begin to study, the better.

2. Question banks

The PASS4SURE Question Banks consists of previous year question papers and important questions.

Solving previous year question papers will give you an idea about the nature of the examination. The question bank also has 2 very important last day revision tests real feel timed examinations. The question banks come with suitable explanations. For mathematical problems, there is a step by step solution. Bring home the updated version of question bank and practice thoroughly.

3. Mock tests

Writing mock tests will prepare you to face the examination without fear. You will understand the exam pressure and time management once you practice such tests. Note down your week points and practice on such topics for more time.

4. Pick up speed

Each question in the examination will have only 1.2 minutes to answer. Hence you will have to be very fast in writing the answers. Choose the answers wisely but swiftly too. There will be a facility to flag hard and lengthy questions, to answer them later.First begin with simple and short questions. Later on you can use all the remaining time to read long questions and solving them.


After reading the entire syllabus and guides, it is necessary to revise the whole subject once or twice before taking the exam. PASS4SURE Question Banks come along with revision tests and papers to exercise your brain. Once you revise the whole subject, you will be ready to face the exam bravely.

All the best!

Suman is a Financial Analyst. Currently she is in the process of preparing model question paper of .

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